Recommended Free Software

LibreOffice  •  •  An open source office software suite, largely compatible with Microsoft Office.

IrfanView  •  •  Software for viewing, editing, and converting image files, and for playing video and audio files. Small, fast, flexible, easy to use. Free for personal use; commercial use requires a fee.

CCleaner  •  •  Deletes temporary files left behind by browsers, PDF viewers, antivirus programs, and other programs. Removes orphaned registry keys, browsing history, cookies, and other such items. Highly configurable.

BabelMap  •  •  Excellent software for anyone working with Unicode. Search for a character by name or code point. Display a range of characters in one font or all fonts combined. Construct a string of characters in an edit buffer and optionally convert to NCR or UCN. Search for fonts containing one character or a group of characters. Display Unicode history of a character. Many other features.

Free Software Foundation

GNU Project — Free Software Foundation  •  •  The GNU project was started to develop a complete Unix-like operating system that was free software. This project has borne fruit in what is now called Linux. The Free Software Foundation develops and promotes the legal framework for free software.

Devanagari Software

Devanagari is the traditional alphabet for writing Sanskrit and certain modern Indian languages.

Online Devanagari Editors for typing and converting Devanagri and romanized (transliterated) text.

Information on software for displaying and typing Devanagari, including information about Unicode Devanagari.


P2S — PiCTeX to SVG converter  •  P2S helps you convert PiCTeX pictures in TeX and LaTeX to SVG graphics within an HTML file. This can be used as part of a process of converting a TeX or LaTeX document to HTML.

XBase and Table Oriented Programming

Why the XBase programming language is superior  •  •  This page explains what XBase is and why it is the best way to quickly develop most software applications. Data Globe is an XBase program and has tools to enable you to build XBase software of your own.

Why table oriented programming is superior  •  •  This page explains a programming style called table oriented programming (TOP) and why it is highly intuitive and efficient. Data Globe allows you to develop TOP software.

Data Globe

Data Globe installation file  •  EXE 1.1M  •  A comprehensive open source program for browsing and editing databases in DBF files. Data Globe also allows you to develop your own database applications.

Detailed information on Data Globe  •  Includes a comprehensive feature list and source code.


ZTree  •  •  A shareware file manager written by Kim Henkel. Based on the DOS utility XTree, the favorite of many, ZTree is considerably enhanced. I use it constantly to keep track of what’s on my hard drive, to edit files, and to launch applications.