Version 2.2

P2S summary

P2S helps you convert PICTEX (PiCTeX) pictures in TEX (TeX) and LATEX (LaTeX) to SVG graphics within an HTML file. This can be used as part of a process of converting a TEX (TeX) or LATEX (LaTeX) document to HTML.

PICTEX (PiCTeX) is a graphics package for the typesetting systems TEX (TeX) and LATEX. (LaTeX) SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a general purpose graphics system which is part of HTML5. SVG images are drawn with text instructions within an <svg> tag in an HTML file. The images are thus part of the HTML file.

P2S is not designed to seamlessly translate every PICTEX (PiCTeX) picture to SVG, but rather to do a substantial portion of this translation. Since the two environments are very different, you may need to manually adjust the the input or output of P2S to suit your requirements.

A detailed manual, in the form of a help file, describes P2S in detail. This includes a summary of every PICTEX (PiCTeX) command and in most cases one or more examples of converting this command to SVG. The manual includes an introduction to SVG and numerous examples of SVG. It also gives you some suggestions for converting mathematics in TEX (TeX) and LATEX (LaTeX) to HTML.

The manual assumes you are familiar with TEX (TeX) or LATEX, (LaTeX) and PICTEX, (PiCTeX) and that you have some familiarity with HTML. It does not assume any familiarity with SVG.

P2S installation file  •  EXE 2.0M

P2S source code  •  ZIP 600K  •  P2S is written in Harbour and HMG.

P2S screen shots
P2S main screen
P2S expanded input screen
P2S expanded output screen
P2S sample output as SVG in HTML
(x,f(x)) x + 0′ f(x + 0′) x f(x) 0
Fig. 4:
Calculation of derivative
as slope within a point

The above figure in from An Overview of Numeristics and Equipoint Analysis.