Rāmāyaṇ 2008 playlist

This page contains Romanized Indic text.

The tables below contains links for the episodes of the TV series Rāmāyaṇ, in Hindi with English subtitles, produced by Sagar Arts and aired on the Indian channel NDTV Imagine in 2008–2009. There are exactly 300 half hour episodes in this series.

The table below lists episode sets, which are several hours long and contain anywhere from 14 to 38 individual episodes. These episode sets are condensed—they contain only about two thirds of the full episode material. They were uploaded to YouTube by imvir7.

Ramayan 2008 Episodes 1–14 Condensed episode set 5hr 00min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 15–32 Condensed episode set 6hr 08min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 33–46 Condensed episode set 4hr 48min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 47–59 Condensed episode set 4hr 13min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 60–80 Condensed episode set 5hr 45min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 81–100 Condensed episode set 5hr 18min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 101–120Condensed episode set 5hr 08min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 121–145Condensed episode set 5hr 30min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 146–175Condensed episode set 5hr 30min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 176–196Condensed episode set 5hr 30min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 197–217Condensed episode set 5hr 20min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 218–240Condensed episode set 6hr 20min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 241–278Condensed episode set 8hr 49min
Ramayan 2008 Episodes 279–300Condensed episode set 6hr 36min

The table below lists each episode and a link which shows that episode only. Each link contain the full original material of that episode. These videos were uploaded to YouKu (a Chinese video site) by netoklis (episode numbers in parentheses) and to YouTube by Saurabh Suman [episode numbers in brackets].

Ramayan - (Episode 01) Full episodeRāja Daśharatha’s return
Ramayan - (Episode 02) Full episodeRāvaṇa’s performance of the Putreṣhṭi yajña
Ramayan - (Episode 03) Full episodeNāmakaraṇa ceremony
Ramayan - (Episode 04) Full episodeThe four princes
Ramayan - (Episode 05) Full episodeJanaka brings home Sītā
Ramayan - (Episode 06) Full episodeRāma’s arrival at the gurukula
Ramayan - (Episode 07) Full episodeArchery lessons
Ramayan - (Episode 08) Full episodeGuru Vasiṣhṭha’s tests
Ramayan - (Episode 09) Full episodeVivasvana saves the gurukula
Ramayan - (Episode 10) Full episodeParaśhurāma’s arrival
Ramayan - (Episode 11) Full episodeSkill test at the gurukula
Ramayan - (Episode 12) Full episodeRāma departs the gurukula
Ramayan - (Episode 13) Full episodeRāma’s return to Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 14) Full episodeKausalyā feeds Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 15) Full episodeViśhwamitra’s invitation
Ramayan - (Episode 16) Full episodeRāma kills Tārakā
Ramayan - (Episode 17) Full episodeSubahu and Mārīcha
Ramayan - (Episode 18) Full episodeRāma meets Ahalyā
Ramayan - (Episode 19) Full episodeRāma’s visit to Puṣhpavāṭikā
Ramayan - (Episode 20) Full episodeSītā’s swayaṃvara
Ramayan - (Episode 21) Full episodeRāma’s arrival at Sītā’s swayaṃvara
Ramayan - (Episode 22) Full episodeThe Hāradhanu challenge
Ramayan - (Episode 23) Full episodeRāma breaks the Hāradhanu
Ramayan - (Episode 24) Full episodeJanaka announces Sītā’s marriage
Ramayan - (Episode 25) Full episodeDaśharatha reaches Janaka’s kingdom
Ramayan - (Episode 26) Full episodeMantharā’s vow
Ramayan - (Episode 27) Full episodeŚhatrughna’s meeting with Śhrutakīrtī
Ramayan - (Episode 28) Full episodeRāma weds Sītā
Ramayan - (Episode 29) Full episodeNews of the ceremonies
Ramayan - (Episode 30) Full episodeSītā reminisces about her childhood
Ramayan - (Episode 31) Full episodeRāma and Sītā reach Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 32) Full episodeMantharā’s brainwash
Ramayan - (Episode 33) Full episodeṚiṣhi Vasiṣhṭha’s blessings
Ramayan - (Episode 34) Full episodeAttack on the princes
Ramayan - (Episode 35) Full episodeMantharā’s accusation
Ramayan - (Episode 36) Full episodeDaśharatha’s retirement
Ramayan - (Episode 37) Full episodeRāma’s rājyābhiṣheka
Ramayan - (Episode 38) Full episodeMantharā poisons Kaikeyī’s mind
Ramayan - (Episode 39) Full episodeKaikeyī’s confrontation
Ramayan - (Episode 40) Full episodeKaikeyī’s boons
Ramayan - (Episode 41) Full episodeRāja Daśharatha pleads with Kaikeyī
Ramayan - (Episode 42) Full episodeRāma’s promise to Kaikeyī
Ramayan - (Episode 43) Full episodeKaikeyī’s proposals
Ramayan [Episode- 44] Full episodeRāma’s decision to go into exile
Ramayan - (Episode 45) Full episodeSītā follows Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 46) Full episodeAyodhāvāsi’s protest
Ramayan - (Episode 47) Full episodeRāja Daśharatha’s dissuasion
Ramayan - (Episode 48) Full episodeRāma reaches Śhrādhaverapura
Ramayan - (Episode 49) Full episodeSumantra’s return to Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 50) Full episodeRāma crosses the Gaṅgā
Ramayan - (Episode 51) Full episodeMaharṣhi Bhāradwāja’s blessings
Ramayan - (Episode 52) Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa’s kuṭīya
Ramayan - (Episode 53) Full episodeRāja Daśharatha’s death
Ramayan - (Episode 54) Full episodeBharata’s arrival
Ramayan - (Episode 55) Full episodeRāja Daśharatha’s cremation
Ramayan - (Episode 56) Full episodeBharata’s decision
Ramayan - (Episode 57) Full episodeBharata brings news to Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 58) Full episodeThe rājakumaras perform the rituals
Ramayan - (Episode 59) Full episodeBharata places Rāma’s pādukās
Ramayan - (Episode 60) Full episodeVisit to Ṛiṣhi Atri
Ramayan [Episode- 61] Full episodeRāma’s trek
Ramayan [Episode- 62] Full episodeRāma defeats Virādha
Ramayan [Episode- 63] Full episodeRāma defeats Śharabhaṅga
Ramayan [Episode- 64] Full episodeRāma protects the ṛiṣhis
Ramayan [Episode- 65] Full episodeRāma’s obstacles
Ramayan [Episode- 66] Full episodeSutīkṣhaṇa pleases Brahmā
Ramayan - (Episode 67) Full episodeŚhiva’s dance to Rāma’s vīṇā
Ramayan [Episode- 68] Full episodeNārada’s tapasyā
Ramayan [Episode- 69] Full episodeNārada falls in love
Ramayan [Episode- 70] Full episodeNārada’s curse
Ramayan [Episode- 71] Full episodeŚhūrpaṇakhā’s plot to kill
Ramayan [Episode- 72] Full episodeṚiṣhi Agastya meets Vindhya
Ramayan - (Episode 73) Full episodeRāma, Sītā, and Lakṣhmaṇa reach Pañcavaṭī
Ramayan - (Episode 74) Full episodeRāma’s loneliness
Ramayan [Episode- 75] Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa kills a rākṣhasa
Ramayan [Episode- 76] Full episodeŚhūrpaṇakhā’s visit to Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode- 77] Full episodeRāvaṇa’s plot
Ramayan - (Episode 78) Full episodeRāvaṇa’s disguise
Ramayan - (Episode 79) Full episodeSītā’s abduction
Ramayan - (Episode 80) Full episodeRāvaṇa’s prayer
Ramayan [Episode- 81] Full episodeSītā imprisoned
Ramayan [Episode- 82] Full episodeKabandha’s salvation
Ramayan [Episode- 83] Full episodeRāma finds Śhabarī
Ramayan [Episode- 84] Full episodeŚhabarī attains mokṣha
Ramayan [Episode- 85] Full episodeAssassination of Śhūrpaṇakhā’s husband
Ramayan [Episode- 86] Full episodeSītā’s shield
Ramayan [Episode- 87] Full episodeMandodarī’s dreams
Ramayan - (Episode 88) Full episodeMeghanāda’s special powers
Ramayan [Episode- 89] Full episodeHanumān meets Rāma
Ramayan [Episode- 90] Full episodeRāma allies with Sugrīva
Ramayan [Episode- 91] Full episodeRāma remembers Sītā
Ramayan [Episode- 92] Full episodeBāli humbles Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode- 93] Full episodeBāli fights the rākṣhasa Māyāvī
Ramayan [Episode- 94] Full episodeSītā’s intuition
Ramayan [Episode- 95] Full episodeBāli injures Dundubhi
Ramayan [Episode- 96] Full episodeSugrīva challenges Bāli
Ramayan [Episode- 97] Full episodeVedavatī’s curse on Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode- 98] Full episodeRāma battles Bāli
Ramayan [Episode- 99] Full episodeMandodarī cautions Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-100] Full episodeMandodarī meets Sītā
Ramayan [Episode-101] Full episodeKumbhakarṇa awakes
Ramayan - (Episode 102)Full episodeSugrīva’s indulgence
Ramayan [Episode-103] Full episodeSugrīva retracts his word
Ramayan [Episode-104] Full episodeUnderestimation of Sītā
Ramayan [Episode-105] Full episodeTen-headed Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-106] Full episodeMandodarī and Kaikasī
Ramayan [Episode-107] Full episodeKaikasī’s revelation
Ramayan [Episode-108] Full episodeKubera departs Laṅkā
Ramayan [Episode-109] Full episodeRāvaṇa battles Kubera’s kingdom
Ramayan - (Episode 110)Full episodeKaikasī worries for Rāvaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-111] Full episodeHanumān, Rāma’s only hope
Ramayan [Episode-112] Full episodeJambavān reaches the seashore
Ramayan - (Episode 113)Full episodeSītā’s fast
Ramayan [Episode-114] Full episodeBirth of Hanumān
Ramayan [Episode-115] Full episodeHanumān attempts to hold the sun
Ramayan [Episode-116] Full episodeHanumān regains consciousness
Ramayan [Episode-117] Full episodeHanumān’s blessing
Ramayan [Episode-118] Full episodeHanumān reaches Aśhokavāṭikā
Ramayan [Episode-119] Full episodeHanumān meets Sītā
Ramayan [Episode-120] Full episodeHanumān battles the demons of Laṅkā
Ramayan [Episode-121] Full episodeHanumān sets Laṅkā on fire
Ramayan [Episode-122] Full episodeVānarasenā sets out for Laṅkā
Ramayan [Episode-123] Full episodeVibhīṣhaṇa’s anger
Ramayan [Episode-124] Full episodeRāvaṇa expels Vibhīṣhaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-125] Full episodeVibhīṣhaṇa seeks Rāma’s asylum
Ramayan [Episode-126] Full episodeVibhīṣhaṇa’s rājyābhiṣeka announced
Ramayan [Episode-127] Full episodeŚhuka enters Rāma’s camp
Ramayan [Episode-128] Full episodeRāma prays to Samūdradeva
Ramayan [Episode-129] Full episodeSītā’s lookalike
Ramayan [Episode-130] Full episodeWar becomes inevitable
Ramayan [Episode-131] Full episodeRāma fights Maru
Ramayan [Episode-132] Full episodeThe setu is destroyed
Ramayan [Episode-133] Full episodeNala and Nīla rebuild the setu
Ramayan [Episode-134] Full episodeRāma journeys to Laṅkā
Ramayan [Episode-135] Full episodeWar beckons
Ramayan [Episode-136] Full episodeSpies
Ramayan [Episode-137] Full episodeAṅgada sent as Rāma’s messenger
Ramayan [Episode-138] Full episodeRāvaṇa tests Aṅgada
Ramayan [Episode-139] Full episodeAṅgada’s challenge
Ramayan [Episode-140] Full episodeRāvaṇa’s plot of abduction
Ramayan [Episode-141] Full episodeRāma and Lakṣhmaṇa are abducted
Ramayan [Episode-142] Full episodeHanumān searches for Rāma
Ramayan [Episode-143] Full episodeJambavān searches for Hanumān
Ramayan [Episode-144] Full episodeHanumān fights Rākṣhasas
Ramayan [Episode-145] Full episodeRāma and Lakṣhmaṇa are in peril
Ramayan [Episode-146] Full episodeChandrasena decides to save Rāma
Ramayan [Episode-147] Full episodeHanumān is threatened
Ramayan [Episode-148] Full episodeHanumān reaches Pātālaloka
Ramayan [Episode-149] Full episodeHanumān enters Pātālaloka
Ramayan - (Episode 150) Full episodeSītā blows the śhaṃkha
Ramayan - (Episode 151)Full episodeRāma and Lakṣhmaṇa regain consciousness
Ramayan - (Episode 152)Full episodeHanumān saves Rāma and Lakṣhmaṇa
Ramayana [Episode-153]Full episodeRāma takes revenge on Mahi and Ahi
Ramayana [Episode-154]Full episodeRāma decides to attack Laṅkā
Ramayana [Episode-155]Full episodeOrders to attack Laṅkā
Ramayana [Episode-156]Full episodeAttack on Laṅkā
Ramayana [Episode-157]Full episodeLaṅkā on fire
Ramayana [Episode-158]Full episodePañchavaktra protects Laṅkā
Ramayana [Episode-159]Full episodePañchavaktra weakens
Ramayana [Episode-160]Full episodeRāma destroys the Pañchavaktra
Ramayana [Episode-161]Full episodeVibhīṣhaṇa reveals Meghanāda’s powers
Ramayana [Episode-162]Full episodeVānarasenā’s progress
Ramayana [Episode-163]Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa kills Prahasta
Ramayana [Episode-164]Full episodeMandodarī mourns
Ramayana [Episode-165]Full episodeSugrīva defeats Laṅkā’s senāpati
Ramayana [Episode-166]Full episodeRāvaṇa arrives on the battlefield
Ramayana [Episode-167]Full episodeMandodarī pleads
Ramayana [Episode-168]Full episodeKumbhakarṇa awakens
Ramayana [Episode-169]Full episodeKumbhakarṇa enters the battlefield
Ramayana [Episode-170]Full episodeKumbhakarṇa falls
Ramayan [Episode-171] Full episodeVajramālā’s fears for Kumbhakarṇa
Ramayan [Episode-172] Full episodeIndrajit’s vow
Ramayan [Episode-173] Full episodeAṅgada’s triumph
Ramayan [Episode-174] Full episodePiśhācha motivates the rākṣhasasenā
Ramayan [Episode-175] Full episodeKumbhakarṇa awakens
Ramayan [Episode-176] Full episodeRāma confronts Kumbhakarṇa
Ramayan [Episode-177] Full episodeBattle between Kumbhakarṇa and Lakṣhmaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-178] Full episodeAtikāya challenges Lakṣhmaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-179] Full episodeLakṣmaṇa accepts the challenge
Ramayan [Episode-180] Full episodeVibhīṣhaṇa’s news
Ramayan [Episode-181] Full episodeRāma and Lakṣhmaṇa fight with Indrajit
Ramayan - (Episode 182)Full episodeRāma and Lakṣhmaṇa get injured
Ramayan [Episode-183] Full episodeGaruḍadevata saves Rāma and Lakṣhmaṇa
Ramayan - (Episode 184)Full episodeIndrajit strikes Lakṣhmaṇa with bārachhī
Ramayan [Episode-185] Full episodeHanumān rushes from Laṅkā
Ramayan - (Episode 186)Full episodeHanumān’s observation
Ramayan - (Episode 187)Full episodeHanumān brings the saṃjīvanī bhūti
Ramayan - (Episode 188)Full episodeSaṃjīvanī bhūti saves Lakṣhmaṇa
Ramayan - (Episode 189)Full episodeRāma hears of Sītā’s death
Ramayan - (Episode 190)Full episodeKaikeyī decides to leave for Laṅkā
Ramayan - (Episode 191)Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa moves towards Meghanāda’s cave
Ramayan - (Episode 192)Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa challenges Meghanāda
Ramayan [Episode-193] Full episodeLakṣhmaṇa destroys Meghanāda
Ramayan [Episode-194] Full episodeRāvaṇa enters the battlefield
Ramayan [Episode-195] Full episodeRāvaṇa sees Indradeva going towards Rāma
Ramayan [Episode-196] Full episodeRāma conducts Durgā pūjā
Ramayan [Episode-197] Full episodeRāvaṇa challenges Rāma
Ramayan [Episode-198] Full episodeRāma and Rāvaṇa fight on the battlefield
Ramayan [Episode-199] Full episodeDiscussion between Sugrīva and Hanumān
Ramayan [Episode-200] Full episodeMandodarī prays for Rāvaṇa’s success
Ramayan [Episode-201] Full episodeRāvaṇa remembers his war against Daśharatha
Ramayan [Episode-202] Full episodeRāvaṇa plans to change Rāma’s kuṇḍalī
Ramayan [Episode-203] Full episodeRāvaṇa threatens the astrologer
Ramayan [Episode-204] Full episodeRāvaṇa challenges Rāma for the final battle
Ramayan [Episode-205] Full episodeRāma achieves victory
Ramayan [Episode-206] Full episodeRāma’s senā congratulates him
Ramayan [Episode-207] Full episodeHanumān brings news to Sītā
Ramayan - (Episode 208)Full episodeRāma tests Sītā
Ramayan - (Episode 209)Full episodeSītā undergoes Agni parīkṣhā
Ramayan - (Episode 210)Full episodeHanumān departs for Kailāsa pārvata
Ramayan - (Episode 211)Full episodeRāma’s homecoming decision
Ramayan - (Episode 212)Full episodeŚhrī Rāma greets the motherland
Ramayan - (Episode 213)Full episodeŚhrī Rāma, Sītā, and Lakṣhmaṇa reach Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 214)Full episodeRāma meets Kaikeyī
Ramayan - (Episode 215)Full episodePreparations for Rāma’s rājyābhiṣheka
Ramayan - (Episode 216)Full episodePerformance of Rāma’s rājyābhiṣheka
Ramayan - (Episode 217)Full episodeBharata is crowned the yuvarāja
Ramayan - (Episode 218)Full episodeHanumān tears open his heart
Ramayan - (Episode 219)Full episodeṚiṣhi Vālmīki’s inability to write the Rāmāyaṇa
Ramayan [Episode-220] Full episodeHanumān’s plea to Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 221)Full episodeSugrīva permits Hanumān’s request
Ramayan - (Episode 222)Full episodeLavaṇāsura’s oath to destroy Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 223)Full episodeLavaṇāsura plans to attack Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 224)Full episodeLavaṇāsura’s spy caught in Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 225) Full episodeLavaṇāsura decides to attack Rāma with amogha triśhūla
Ramayan - (Episode 226)Full episodeRāma’s order to his spy
Ramayan - (Episode 227)Full episodeRāma hears that Sītā will have two sons
Ramayan - (Episode 228)Full episodeThe prajā’s desire
Ramayan - (Episode 229)Full episodeSītā’s realization about Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 230)Full episodeSītā inquires about the village
Ramayan - (Episode 231)Full episodeSītā to leave for Vanavāsa
Ramayan - (Episode 232)Full episodeSearch for Rāma and Sītā
Ramayan - (Episode 233)Full episodeSītā makes her decision known
Ramayan - (Episode 234)Full episodeA kingdom depressed
Ramayan - (Episode 235)Full episodeTrying to come to terms with Sītā’s decision
Ramayan - (Episode 236)Full episodeRāma’s decision questioned
Ramayan - (Episode 237)Full episodeSītā starts her journey
Ramayan [Episode-238] Full episodeLakṣhmana’s foreboding thoughts
Ramayan [Episode-239] Full episodeSunainā knows of Sītā’s exile
Ramayan - (Episode 240)Full episodeRāma, Lakṣhmaṇa, and Janaka reach Janakapuri
Ramayan - (Episode 241)Full episodeLords await the birth of Rāma and Sītā’s children
Ramayan [Episode-242] Full episodeLava and Kuśha
Ramayan - (Episode 243)Full episodeLava captures a snake
Ramayan [Episode-244] Full episodeLava and Kuśha search for jaḍībhūti
Ramayan [Episode-245] Full episodeLava and Kuśha are blessed by Sītā
Ramayan [Episode-246] Full episodeVikaṭa challenges Lava and Kuśha
Ramayan [Episode-247] Full episodeSītā prays for protection
Ramayan [Episode-248] Full episodeLava and Kuśha and the golden bird
Ramayan [Episode-249] Full episodeHanumān rushes to help Lava and Kuśha
Ramayan [Episode-250] Full episodeLava and Kuśha try to lift the Shivaliṅga
Ramayan [Episode-251] Full episodeŚhivajī gets angry and performs the Tāṇḍava
Ramayan [Episode-252] Full episodeLava and Kuśha go missing
Ramayan [Episode-253] Full episodeHanumān in disguise
Ramayan [Episode-254] Full episodeKubera Loka
Ramayan [Episode-255] Full episodeLava and Kuśha wander in the forest
Ramayan [Episode-256] Full episodeKuśha neglects Betāla’s warning
Ramayan [Episode-257] Full episodeKuśha is bitten by a snake
Ramayan [Episode-258] Full episodeKuśha decides to meet Lava
Ramayan [Episode-259] Full episodeŚhivajī’s message to Hanumān
Ramayan [Episode-260] Full episodeLava and the village monster
Ramayan [Episode-261] Full episodeKuśha is informed about Lava’s abduction
Ramayan [Episode-262] Full episodeLava is surrounded by fire and demons
Ramayan [Episode-263] Full episodeLava and Kuśha successfully pass the test
Ramayan [Episode-264] Full episodeLava and Kuśha decide to prove their worth
Ramayan [Episode-265] Full episodeHanumān sets up the test of greed
Ramayan [Episode-266] Full episodeLava and Kuśha denied entry to Kubera Loka
Ramayan [Episode-267] Full episodeLava and Kuśha pass the tests
Ramayan [Episode-268] Full episodeRāma’s promise to avenge Lavaṇāsura
Ramayan - (Episode 269)Full episodeRāma chooses Śhatrughana as Madhupura heir-apparent
Ramayan [Episode-270] Full episodeLava and Kuśha prepare for the Śhāstra Pradarśhana
Ramayan - (Episode 271)Full episodeŚhatrughana’s portfolio
Ramayan - (Episode 272)Full episodeŚhatrughana takes over kingdom of Madhupura
Ramayan - (Episode 273)Full episodeSītā’s joy and wonder
Ramayan - (Episode 274)Full episodeRāma vows to kill Kāśhinareśha
Ramayan - (Episode 275) Full episodeKāśhinareśha’s visit to Añjanī
Ramayan - (Episode 276)Full episodePunishment on Hanumān and Kāśhinareśha
Ramayan - (Episode 277)Full episodeHanumān refuses Rāma’s request
Ramayan - (Episode 278)Full episodeBharata’s opposition
Ramayan - (Episode 279)Full episodeVālmīki’s narration to Lava and Kuśha
Ramayan - (Episode 280)Full episodeVālmīki bestows divine powers
Ramayan - (Episode 281)Full episodeSītā’s 21-day fast
Ramayan - (Episode 282)Full episodeBlind sculptor’s wish
Ramayan - (Episode 283)Full episodeThe Aśhvamedha horse
Ramayan - (Episode 284)Full episodeLava halts the Aśhvamedha horse
Ramayan - (Episode 285)Full episodeRāma and the two children
Ramayan - (Episode 286)Full episodeLava and Kuśha defeat Śhatrughna and challenge Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 287)Full episodeRāma gets news of Śhatrughna’s defeat
Ramayan - (Episode 288)Full episodeRāma proceeds to battle
Ramayan - (Episode 289)Full episodeVālmīki’s request to Lava and Kuśha
Ramayan - (Episode 290)Full episodeKausalyā questions Rāma’s justice
Ramayan - (Episode 291)Full episodeRāma’s announcement regarding the children
Ramayan - (Episode 292)Full episodeLava and Kusha sympathize with Rāma
Ramayan - (Episode 293)Full episodeLava and Kuśha start the Rāma kathā
Ramayan - (Episode 294)Full episodeSītā meets Hanumān
Ramayan - (Episode 295)Full episodeLava and Kuśha sing about Sītā’s plight
Ramayan - (Episode 296)Full episodeRāma’s tears of happiness
Ramayan - (Episode 297)Full episodeSītā returns to Ayodhyā
Ramayan - (Episode 298)Full episodeSītā’s required to take the vow of chastity
Ramayan - (Episode 299)Full episodeRāma’s promise to a ṛiṣhi
Ramayan - (Episode 300) Full episodeRāma takes Viṣṇu’s form