Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne  •  lornabyrne.com  •  Lorna Byrne is an Irish woman who has regularly seen and conversed with angels since she was a baby. Her early life was difficult. She was thought to be mentally retarded, since she did not focus on her surroundings as others did and she was not allowed to express to other people the celestial side of life that she regularly interacted with. This eventually changed. She now regularly speaks and writes about her experiences, and troubled people often call on her for divine assistance.

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 25 of her first book, an autobiography called Angels in My Hair: The True Story of a Modern-Day Irish Mystic.

Vision of the Queen of Heaven

When I'm working around the house, out in the garden, or even walking down to the shops, I always pray silently. One evening I was working hard at home as most mothers do; I had the house to myself, more or less, and Joe [her husband] and Megan [the youngest of her four children] were fast asleep. Ruth [her third child] was helping a friend babysit, Owen [her second child] was playing sports, and Christopher [her eldest child] was at a friend's house on the far side of town. It was dark outside, but through the window I could see the streetlight on the corner. I was enjoying the peace, being alone and yet not totally alone. I started to notice the stillness of the atmosphere, the change as time started to stand still; I couldn't hear a sound. I looked down at my hands and noticed the energy around them, flickering and full of sparkles. This energy is perpetually there, but sometimes it gets stronger and brighter just before an angel appears. It's not always like this; sometimes I don't notice anything and something just happens.

I walked out the kitchen door with a towel in my hand and bumped into a white angel in the hall. She told me to come to the front room then vanished. When I opened the front room door I saw another angel, a much more powerful and exceptionally beautiful angel standing by the window. She smiled at me. She was very, very different from any angel I have seen before or since. Her dress was stunning—fiery red and gold—I have never seen a dress like it. On top of her head was an exquisite crown and emerging from the center of the crown and flowing down over her whole body were millions and millions of fine, silklike threads, braided together. Each braid was entwined with diamonds and sapphires of all colors. This beautiful angel had dazzling wings, like fiery flames rippling constantly, with sparkling jewels within the feathers. I could see everything in exquisite detail and yet I find it very hard to describe this amazing angel. She was unique, perfect in every way; every part of her seemed to be alive. She was do dazzling, I had to look away for a moment because my eyes could not take in all the beauty.

Her face was radiant with life. She was perfect; her eyes were blue and shone like the sun, but a billion times more radiant. How can words describe that? All I can say is, when I looked into her eyes there was such gentleness, compassion, peace, and such love radiating from them. I knew this superb angel standing in front of me could see everything. It was as if she had knowledge of every particle within the universe—something completely beyond our human comprehension.

I was trembling; I was in the presence of such power. I was allowed to feel this power and to recognize it. There was another angel standing to my right behind me. I was only aware of its being there when it said, “Lorna, walk a little more into the room.”

I took another few steps, not taking my eyes off the beautiful angel in front of me. I was conscious of the door closing behind me. The magnificent angel move toward me saying, with a little smile, “Lorna, do not be afraid.”

I that instant I felt such peace and joy within me. The angel continued, “Do you know who I am, Lorna?”

“No,” I replied.

“I am the Queen of Angels.”

“Do you mean you are the Mother of God?” I asked. I was shocked, but on another level I knew who I was with; my soul knew, but my human part was very shocked.

“Yes, Lorna,” she answered, “I am the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of all the Angels, the Queen of all Souls. Lorna, don't be afraid. Ask me the question that is on your mind.”

“Queen of Angels,” I said, “I have seen you many times. You are the mother I have seen in the sky with a child.” I remembered that when I was a child on the swing in Ballymun the angels had shown me her face.

“Yes, Lorna, you are right,” she said.

“My real wish is that you, the Mother of God, would appear for the whole world to see.” I was crying now. “For all the hatred and wars to stop. For all the pain, all the hunger, all the destruction cause by wars—fought over material things, over religion, over power—to cease.” I looked at her pleadingly, with tears running down my face. “The world needs a miracle.”

“Lorna, I will reach into people's hearts. One day, I will appear and the whole world will see me as you can now.” The Queen of Angels gave me such a smile, her eyes radiating love, and the light that surrounded her like fiery flames reached out and touched me and took all my sadness away.

I asked her would I see her again, and she said yes. Then she was gone.

I believe that this will happen. The Queen of Angels has appeared to people in the past, and she continues to appear in different places today, but only to small groups. I believe that someday the Queen of Angels will appear for all to see, not just some, and that she will appear not just for a fleeting moment but that she will remain for some time, for the world to see and acknowledge her. She will come to provide the evidence that mankind in its weakness requires—and this will be the beginning of a major change for the human race.