Medical Medium

Medical Medium  •  •   •   •  Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has helped thousands of people, including myself, recover from undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or mistreated medical conditions. In my own case, I have found that the information he gives out is uniquely effective, produces no side effects, and provides unexpected side benefits. Many other individuals have similar stories.

Anthony done all this by listening to a divine voice he calls Spirit, with whom he has a unique connection. Anthony makes clear that we are living in a time of widespread mystery illnesses—conditions that medical communities know little or nothing about, but for which he has both a clear understanding and effective protocols. Many of these illnesses stem from as yet undiscovered viruses and bacteria.

Anthony has written two books and has made many recordings of his weekly radio show available free online.

Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables

Emotional health

Emotional Freedom Techniques  •  •   •  A freely available acupressure technique (needle free acupuncture) that allows you to improve a wide range of emotional and physical issues. It has been reported successful in thousands of cases. EFT is formulated from an ancient technique that works with subtle energies that connect emotions with the physical body. Almost anyone can learn and start to use EFT in a few hours, for free, using a manual that you can download from this site.

Organic food online

Local Harvest  •  •  Helps you find sources of organic food, including farms, farmers markets, co-ops, stores, and restaurants. Some sources allow you to order online. Farmers and other owners of locally-grown-food businesses can add a listing for free.

Sleep we have lost

A. Roger Ekirch sleep research  •  •  Virginia Tech history professor Roger Ekirch shows that before the widespread use of electricity, we not only slept more hours than today, but also differently—in two major sleep periods, “first sleep’ and “second sleep”, separated by a period of “quiet repose”.

Ryan’s Well

Ryan’s Well Foundation  •  •   •  A great Wunderkind story. In 1998, Ryan Hreljac (pronounced HURL-jack) was in first grade in Kemptville, Ontario. One day his teacher told the class that there many people in the world that are sick and even dying because they don’t have access to clean water. Sometimes they have to walk for hours to get water, and even then it isn’t always clean. Ryan was shocked. He knew that he had only to walk ten steps to get to the water fountain in his school and until then thought everyone else had it the same.

Ryan took this to heart. His teacher told him about one particular village in Uganda that desperately needed a well. Ryan asked his teacher how much it would cost to build a well in this village. She replied that it would cost $70. So Ryan went home and begged his parents for the money. His parents said they couldn’t just give him the money, but if he would do chores around the house, they would pay him. Ryan did chores around the house for four months until he had saved the $70. Then he and his parents took the money to an organization that builds these wells in Africa, but they told him that such a well would actually cost $2,000.

Ryan was not discouraged. But he did realize he could not raise this kind of money on his own. So he started speaking to service organizations, school assemblies, church groups, and anyone else who would listen. Within a short time he had raised this money and built his first well, at the Angolo Primary School in Uganda.

At the age of seven, he founded his own non-profit organization, Ryan’s Well Foundation. He and his ever-growing organization have continued to raise money for wells everywhere they are needed in the developing world. To date his foundation has built close to a thousand wells, which have affected close to a million people.

Ryan urges everyone to find something they are passionate about and then take action to bring about positive change.


Cranberry sauce  •  A recipe for cranberry sauce that I often make year round. During the winter months, when I eat this sauce every day, I have far fewer symptoms of colds.