Kevin Carmody

Welcome to my personal home page. Here you will find descriptions and links for some of my personal interests.

A spiritual approach

I believe in taking a spiritual approach to everything. By “spiritual”, I do not mean religious, but rather all-inclusive: taking the maximum amount of the outer environment into consideration, taking the inner environment into consideration, recognizing consciousness as the ultimate reality, in a natural way.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation  •  I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation regularly since 1975. I have found it to have a wide range of benefits, including improved mental clarity, improved interpersonal relationships, and improved health. Although to some people the words “Transcendental Meditation” might suggest something mystical or religious, it is actually neither. It is a simple mental technique, nothing more and nothing less.

Vedic Science

Vedic Science  •  The ancient and modern science and technology of consciousness. Vedic Science is based on the ancient Veda and Vedic Literature, which has been maintained in India, and whose deepest values have been rediscovered in our age. Veda means knowledge, and Vedic Science is the science of self-referral consciousness and Natural Law, the intelligence that governs the universe. The technologies of Vedic Science have far-reaching and effective applications in many fields.


Mathematics  •  This page explores some ways of finding spiritual values in mathematics, including Vedic Mathematics and a foundational theory based on Vedic Mathematics.


Philosophy  •  Philosophy can be useful, provided it is both comprehensive and precise. To do this, it must move beyond mere mental gymnastics. It must be based on experience. That experience must be far-reaching and focused. The mental part of philosophy must accord closely with experience. It must be able to solve both everyday problems and unusual problems. Here are some philosophies that I think are highly qualified.


Software  •  Recommended free software, the Free Software Foundation, research showing that money rewards diminish creativity, Devanāgarī software, a DBF file browser that I wrote, a great shareware file manager called ZTree (a superclone of XTree).


Health  •  Medical Medium, Emotional health, organic food online, safe food, sleep, Ryan’s Well, recipes.


Arts  •  Original poetry, transcendental painting, transcendental images, Disney, glass instruments.


Humor  •  Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda, From The Top, Car Talk, Who’s On First, an original public service announcement, and the 12-13 man puzzle.


Government  •  The destiny of the United States of America as foretold through George Washington and George McClellan, Peace Pilgrim and other peace walkers, the surprising decline in violence, the Christmas truce.


Religion  •  Near death experiences, Mark Twain and Neale Donald Walsch talk to God, Anna, Gospel gems, and modern saints.